MY Beauty Story

I use to be afraid of wearing makeup because i thought was ugly. But at the age of 10 I fell in love with makeup, after trying it myself. My first makeup brands I ever tried was Black Radiance and NYC. It made me feel like a new person, which is a great thing because I use to be a” bad influence”. Anyway, now I am obsessed with makeup. My parents think I have too much, but I think buying too much makeup  is never enough. If you ever see me at all, all I ‘ll be doing is watching makeup tutorials, giving other girls makeovers, looking at my favorite magazines (Teen Vogue & NAIL IT), looking at makeup looks on Google- Images, or shopping with my mom for nail polish and cosmetics. It is my main passion besides fashion designing. After doing all those makeovers and shopping for a lot of cosmetics I realize that doing makeup is one of  the jobs  i want to do for the rest of my life. And my dad is very supportive about my dreams. My favorite cosmetics are Maybelline, LA Colors,Cover Girls, NYX,E. L. F., Wet ‘n Wild, and Hard Candy. If you never tried these brands you should. They are amazing and some of them like Hard Candy and NYX are really dramatic. So… anyway… the message of this post is to follow your dreams all the way no matter what and most importantly…. LOVE MAKEUP!!



2 thoughts on “MY Beauty Story

  1. Hi its Kenna. I like how you put pictures of products and of cheap places to get make-up. I like how you also give complements like saying “You pretty girls”. I like how you put how the make-up works and how it helps. I like the background it catches my attention alot.

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