Slow Down With Makeup And Advice About Boys


Slow down with the makeup ladies. God made us the way we are; beautiful  and special. So, why spent so much money on tons of mascaras,eye-liners,foundations, lip sticks,blushes,concealer, and eye-shadows?

I know a lot of girls at my school; who have a HUGE collection of makeup, but do they use all understand most of them.

I hope you, pretty girls are not taking  this the wrong way. All I am trying too say is we should pay more attention to other things. But if you love makeup and that’s something you want to take part of your carer and you  love doing it then go for it.

I just feel like some females just over do with the makeup. This is a fact: too much makeup on can break out your skin. that’s why we should put less makeup on..

My sister thinks females wear too much makeup on their face,because of boys.

I agree, because I had friends and random girls tell me,”It’s because that’s what the guys want and if you don’t wear it, you will just be lonely and single. That is not true. You shouldn’t feel like you have tons of makeup to get  a boyfriend or a guy’s attention. If he doesn’t like you for who you are then why be with a kind of guy like that. It’s just a waste of time.

Don’t count on your boyfriend or a guy  you have a  crush to tell you that your beautiful. Because sometimes that person is just telling you what you want to hear. And that is heart breaking. Pretty girls, if you have been through this.. millions of time in your life, you are not the only one.

I been through that situation a lot in high school and I am still in that situation. When I was a freshman last year, I had this HUGE crush on a boy(BTW: at this time I didn’t really wear makeup) and it turns out he didn’t like me at all. When I found out he didn’t like me back I was so upset.

I kept moving conclusions that boys didn’t like me because I didn’t wear makeup at all. Then a month later, I decided to wear makeup everyday at school and that’s when the guy started flirting  with me. I featured out that he just liked me when I was wearing makeup.

“Boys will be boys.”

Now I don’t care about what a guy wants in me. And you shouldn’t too.

Stay Beautiful! 🙂

– Nehwon Mantor

(the girl who speaks the truth)




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